The Jarvis Method

To understand the true purpose of writing software and use it to write fiction, a writer needs to get over the idea that it is wrong. Writing fiction is an art and a science that calls for many different types of plot developments.

A good software program has these templates within it for you -- and engages you in the process of creating your story through these templates. What it won't do is write the story for you.

Don't be Fooled by cheap imitations of writing fiction software. No software worth its salt does the writing for you. If it does, it comes out like a mish-mash form of some kind of gobbley-de-gook. Professional writers use software to help flesh out story structure, theme, conflicts and more.

If you've been sitting on the perch afraid to buy a software program to help with your writing -- don't worry -- it can't replace your writing. Writers don't use this kind of software to make them better writers, they use it to help them over the structure bumps in the road.

Story Development
Outlining a novel for development can take some   <strong><A href="">andora Dangles </A></strong> time by hand, but when you have a software that questions you and allows you to answer -- this directs your thinking into new lines of the story's development. It's almost like having a professional writer or teacher by your side at all times.

StoryCraft Software uses the Jarvis Method of story crafting, developed by one of the creators of the software.

    "The Jarvis Method incorporates many  <strong><A href="">Pandora Charms France</A></strong>  of the general principles laid down by Joseph Campbell, particularly in his 'Hero with a Thousand Faces'. During his eminent career, Campbell dissected the myths of most of the cultures in human history and identified the essential characteristics of all of these myths."

Archetypes in Story Development
Carl Jung, eminent psychologist and student of  <strong><A href="">Pandora Bracelet France</A></strong>  Freud, believed that we pass through a "web of consciousness" when being born. This web of consciousness he portends, is rife with archetypes and universal symbols evident in each of our lives, no  <strong><A href="">Pandora Bijoux On Line</A></strong>   matter the culture, the history or the religious traditions with which we were raised.

These archetypes, such as the Mother, the Hero, the Trickster, the Mentor, the Joker and more provide characters with which we can relate. Everyone relates to archetypes when they appear in story  <strong><A href="">Pandora Colliers</A></strong>  form unconsciously, because as Jung says, we all "know" them already. That's why movies that use archetypes along with the "Hero's Journey," perform very well, if handled correctly. All of Hollywood's major blockbusters display these characteristics.

A good writing fiction software has these components built-in, so you don't have to learn them. To find out about the only software that uses the Jarvis Method of story development with the  <strong><A href="">Pandora En Or</A></strong>  mythological premise, check out the link below.

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